Early Learning Centre

The Won Life Early Learning Centre (ELC) is an independent Grade R preschool, registered with the Western Cape Education Department in 2007. The school has successfully developed and grown while providing an excellent education to 120 Grade R children in Fisantekraal each year.

The facility allows us to provide additional services to the community and serves as a base for our organisation’s administration office.

The Won Life ELC started as a basic day care facility. Many young children who did not attend crèche would gather at the Fisantekraal Clinic, the first of Won Life’s projects. In 2005, we employed ladies from Fisantekraal to look after these children and provide them with basic care at the clinic. We quickly realised that there was a need for more formalised Grade R education in the community as there was none. This led to the building of our current school.

In 2007 we registered as an independent Grade R preschool with the Western Cape Department of Education and continue to enjoy a wonderful working relationship with them. With each year, we have gone from strength-to-strength.  We now boast a very successful, well run facility providing an excellent standard of education to 120 children each year.

The core purpose of the Won Life Early Learning Centre is great Grade R education. Our programme is first and foremost an excellent academic facility. We provide a unique service to a community that would otherwise have no access to Grade R education.

Our preschool is, however, far more than just an institution following a basic curriculum. We aim to supply a holistic education providing stimulation and enrichment to children in every sphere of their lives.

CAPS – Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement

This is the new national curriculum as stipulated by the Department of Basic Education. It is divided into three focus areas: Language, Maths and Life Skills. Throughout the year our children are taught with an emphasis on learning through play. In order for us to ensure optimal learning is taking place, they are assessed by our teachers and their development is measured. We are happy to say that our children’s development is always positive. We see huge results and how children can benefit from having the correct stimulation.

Sport and physical education

Physical development is vital at this age. Our playground facility is fitted with climbing apparatus, swings and a large open field. We continually strive to improve the equipment and variety of our outdoor activities. From skipping ropes and balls to sandpits, trampolines and water play, we ensure that the children experience continuous stimulation and discover new things every day.

Over and above the everyday outdoor activities, we have sports-trained volunteers who provide age appropriate extracurricular activities. They focus on developing co-ordination, ball skills and large motor development, while teaching the children to function within a team. Each class participates in this programme once a month on a Friday afternoon.


As in many schools, we need to provide food for our children as there is no guarantee that their parents can or will. While at school it is important that hunger is never an issue. Because we want our children to flourish and grow, we make sure their tummies are always full.

Every morning our children enjoy a breakfast that is varied from day-to-day. They can also have a sandwich at tea time if their parents have not sent food to school, and before they leave, they receive a cooked lunch with meat, vegetables and starch. We know that for some children, this is all the food they may get in a day and we do not want them to fall behind in any area of development due to malnourishment.

An atmosphere of love and encouragement

We work hard to create an atmosphere of encouragement. This is a foreign concept to so many who live in the constant struggle against poverty. We provide a haven for our children, a place of safety, both physically and emotionally, where they can freely discover and enquire about the world around them. We believe that our children have huge potential and how we treat and teach them is focused on allowing them to reach this potential fully.