High School Programme

Our work into Fisantekraal High School started in 2015, when we seconded two Won Life staff members to teach the Grade 8 and 9 Life Orientation curriculum at the school.

This provided an opportunity to establish genuine relationship with learners and staff alike. We were able to meet a significant need in the school environment, and the time immersed there on daily basis also allowed us to establish what the wider needs of the school were.

In 2016, we transitioned to providing just one teacher to teach Life Orientation, and added a staff training component to the programme in response to the school’s request that we become involved in their Staff Development Workshops.

It became clear that the support offered in this area offered exponential returns as, for each staff member impacted, whole classes of learners benefited. With this in mind, we revisited our approach and made adjustments for the road ahead.

Our high school programme now focuses on training and development, with a particular focus on the up-skilling of teachers and the leadership development of students. We also play a key role in facilitating partnerships between the high school and external organisations that add value to the high school environment.

Education Centre

A new extension of the High School Programme is our Education Centre, established in 2017, which provides a comfortable, safe space conducive to learning in which high school students can complete their homework, projects and studying in under the encouraging supervision of adult facilitators.

We look forward to a future where we will see the emergence of confident and mature young people, equipped and motivated to choose a positive and productive direction for their lives.