High School Programme

Our High School Programme involves a two-pronged approach. Firstly, to facilitate partnerships with external organisations that will add value in the high school environment. A key example of this is partnering with OneSight to facilitate an annual vision screening clinic at Fisantekraal High, culminating in providing spectacles to all students in need.

The second aspect of our High School Programme is the Education Centre, which was established in 2017. The Education Centre provides a safe, well-resourced environment for high school learners from Fisantekraal to complete their homework, projects and studying so that they may successfully complete their high school education and ultimately choose an appropriate occupation or course of tertiary study.

Most high school students in Fisantekraal do not have access to a designated place to complete homework and study in their homes, and so must fight to complete their schooling in homes with limited space, poor lighting, no internet connectivity and often very limited adult supervision.

Our Education Centre facilitates homework sessions from Monday to Thursday and provides stationery resources as well as input from encouraging tutors and facilitators. In addition to this, learners are provided with access to computer-based academic support programmes in order to strengthen their Literacy Skills and set them up for future success. We as an organisation are committed to the holistic development of the learners on our programme, taking the value of this significant programme beyond just the academic. We look forward to a future where we will see the emergence of confident and mature young people, equipped and motivated to choose a positive and productive direction for their lives.

If you are interested in volunteering at our Education Centre as a tutor or a facilitator, please contact us on 

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