Teacher Mentorship Programme

The Won Life Teacher Mentorship Programme has spent 6 years equipping and supporting teachers in an under-resourced environment to deliver quality education to the children in their care, despite the deficits they may have experienced in their own schooling or in their Teacher Training. Many teachers in impoverished communities like Fisantekraal themselves attended underperforming schools, then studied teaching through distance learning and therefore have had little to no exposure to what quality education really looks like. Therefore, in this programme, teachers are coached and mentored to develop in the four key areas of learning and teaching, namely; classroom set up, lesson planning, lesson delivery and assessment. In addition to this, teachers are also mentored in soft skills such as time management, professionalism, team work and effective communication.

As an organisation, we are critically aware that the challenges in education that we see at grassroots level in Fisantekraal represent in microcosm that schools across our country face. Therefore, we have set about packaging our insights into a comprehensive resource that provides a paint-by-numbers approach to teaching the CAPS curriculum effectively in an under-resourced environment in order to make this available to other NGOs to the benefit of the schools into which they work. We are so looking forward to seeing this comprehensive resource equip teachers in other schools to deliver quality education to the children in their care. For more information, please contact us on az.gr1579164655o.efi1579164655lnow@1579164655ofni1579164655