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John Christensen

Literacy Centre

Our Literacy Centre is a volunteer-run reading and writing programme that provides support to a selection of Grade 2 and 3 children at Trevor Manuel Primary School, assisting them to read and write in English to a standard that will allow them to succeed further in life. The programme also equips Xhosa speaking children to succeed in their education once their language of instruction changes to English in Grade 4.

Volunteers are paired with a maximum of two children whom they work with for the course of the year. Volunteers need no special qualifications; just the ability to read, write and speak in English and to offer one weekday morning each week to make a difference in the life of a child. Relevant training in the learning material we use is provided. If you are interested in volunteering, we would love to have you join our team! Please contact us at 

Education Centre

The Won Life Education Centre provides a safe space in which teens are able to complete their homework, projects and studying in a conducive environment under the encouraging supervision of adult facilitators and tutors. In addition to this, the teenagers on our programme are provided with access to computers from which they can make use of a computer-based academic support programme to refine their English literacy skills, as well as conduct research for assignments and tasks. Workshops on practical and academic issues are also presented on a regular basis.

We are committed to seeing these young people carve out a hope-filled future for themselves and would love to invite you to join us in supporting these teenagers on their journey. If you are interested in volunteering as a facilitator or tutor, please contact us at 

Volunteer days

We are an education based organisation, therefore our operating hours fall within a work week. This makes it hard for those who work to volunteer. It is for this reason that we decided to have quarterly volunteer days.

If you would like to be notified of our volunteer days via email, sign up for our volunteer day notifications here.

You will receive information and an invitation to sign up to each volunteer day a few weeks ahead of time. We also advertise these days on our Facebook page, so be sure to like us and stay updated with these events.

a3 Programme

This is a movement that promotes the rights of children to quality education while identifying with and supporting the work done by Won Life to address the educational needs of the underprivileged.

What does a3 stand for?

Advocate: Someone who promotes every child’s right to a quality education. Just like an advocate in court speaks on behalf of their client, so you have the opportunity to be the voice of all the children who cannot speak up for themselves.

Ambassador: Someone who identifies with the work Won Life does and promotes the organisation and its brand in their circles of influence (friends, family and colleagues).

Activist: Someone who actively does something to raise funds for Won Life. If you are willing to put yourself out there for the cause of Won Life and excellent education, then you need to sign up on GivenGain

How do I make a difference?

1. Individual:

Make a donation. Sponsor a child. Promote both Won Life and the rights of children.

2. Corporate:

Get your department to support Won Life’s current fundraising initiatives. (Sponsor a child, raise funds of collect items on our needs list)

3. Small businesses:

Adopt Won Life as your company’s social investment project and give towards the advancement of our organisation.