Early Learning Centre

The term began with a reptile show presented by Giraffe House. In this world-widening experience, our learners met extraordinary creatures like “Piesang” the Anaconda, “Dikkes” the Bullfrog and a bearded dragon. Our Early Learning Centre Concert and Graduation held on Saturday, 30 November, was a great success. Our learners shone in their various roles during the concert, and family members cherished seeing their loved ones in the limelight. During the Graduation, each child wore their toga and graduation cap with pride and was presented with their Grade R certificate. To round the year off, we had a fantastic time at our Christmas party where each child enjoyed a party pack and received a gift delivered by Father Christmas himself.

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Teacher Mentorship Programme

We have spent 6 years equipping and supporting teachers at Trevor Manuel Primary School in Fisantekraal to deliver quality education to the children in their care, despite the deficits they may have experienced in their own schooling or in their Teacher Training. Now, we are packaging our insights into a comprehensive resource that provides a paint-by-numbers approach to teaching the CAPS curriculum effectively in an under-resourced environment in order to make this available to other NGOs. We have met with a representative from the WCED in order to obtain their endorsement of the programme and are in the process of exploring partnerships with future organisations – we are so looking forward to seeing this resource add value in more schools!

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Literacy Centre

Term 4 was a short but amazingly jam-packed term at the Literacy Centre. We kicked it off by welcoming 10 new volunteers to the family, and then conducted Grade 1 Selection Assessments, in order to select new learners to join our programme in 2020. We wrapped a term of fun-filled, educational literacy sessions with a Fun Week, where our learners could engage in puzzle-building and other activities. Then it was on to our Graduation Ceremony in order to celebrate the year’s hard work. We would like to say a heartfelt ‘Thank You!’ to all of our incredible volunteers for making 2019 a spectacular year – without you, this significant programme would not be possible! If you would like to get involved in 2020 please contact us on az.gr1579227986o.efi1579227986lnow@1579227986ofni1579227986

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High School Programme

This term launched with an Exam Prep session which involved coaching learners how to break homework, projects and studying up into bite sized chunks in order to be able to work through it systematically. The session also included some practical tips on how to streamline study time, allowing us to place strong emphasis on exam preparation during our session this term so that our learners could be well-prepared for their November examinations. To close the year, we celebrated our learners’ efforts and accomplishments with a party. Our learners enjoyed a meal together and each young person received a gift which comprised of enough stationery to get them through 2020. If you are interested in volunteering at our Education Centre in 2020, please contact us on az.gr1579227986o.efi1579227986lnow@1579227986ofni1579227986

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