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Early Learning Centre

This term, our Grade R learners celebrated Mandela Day with an exciting boat trip and lunch aboard the Mirage catamaran at the V&A Waterfront. Later in the term, Puppet World presented a brilliant show themed “Let’s make bullying extinct!”. The children were enthralled by the dinosaur puppets and valuable lessons were learnt. For Arbour Day, Garden Cities invited our learners to participate in planting trees alongside the Mosselbank River. Our learners enjoyed a short talk on the importance of trees and each child received a lollipop and story book!

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Teacher Mentorship Programme

This term, our Teacher Mentors have focused on fine-tuning the programme we have developed for Foundation Phase in order to make it available for use to other schools and organisations. CAPS in a Snap is designed to offer teachers in under-resourced schools the tools and support needed to effectively teach the government-prescribed CAPS curriculum so that the children in their care can have access to quality education. We are so excited at the prospect of making this significant resource more widely available!

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Literacy Centre

This term, we welcomed 3 new volunteers! In addition to this, we introduced a resource called the Feelings Clock in order to encourage learners to freely express their emotions in a safe environment. We had the privilege of a group of Health Sciences students from the University of Missouri participating in two days of Literacy Hour sessions and rounded off the term by conducting progress assessments for our Grade 3s. If you would like to volunteer a morning each week (08:45 – 11:00) at our Literacy Centre, please contact us on az.gr1579227994o.efi1579227994lnow@1579227994ofni1579227994

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High School Programme

Our Education Centre launched into the term with an informative and practical workshop by Dr. Genevieve Da Silva on CV Writing Skills. Since then, our session facilitators have helped many of our senior students to develop CVs. We also focused our attention on supporting our learners to further hone their research skills in order to gain more confidence in completing their school research projects. If you are interested in volunteering one afternoon a week (14:45 – 17:00) at our Education Centre, please contact us on az.gr1579227994o.efi1579227994lnow@1579227994ofni1579227994

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