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Meaningful Change Starts With A Quality Education

Won Life is a registered non profit organisation (NPO) working in the community of Fisantekraal, just outside of Durbanville. We have worked in this community since 1999.

At Won Life, we are passionate about positively influencing the delivery of quality education. We achieve this through four core programmes which are our Independent Grade R School, Literacy Centre, Education Centre and Teacher Mentorship Programme.

With a good education, children have the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty and better define their own futures. Our hope is to cultivate responsible and active citizens resulting in a brighter future for our country.

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An Overview of our Programmes

Pre-Primary School

Our Independent Grade R school is our flagship project and delivers an excellent and holistic education to 120 children in Fisantekraal each year to set these young learners up for future school success.

The Pre-Primary School has grown from strength to strength each year and is now an established haven for children in the community; a place of safety, both physically and emotionally, where they can freely discover the world around them and where foundations can be laid that will ensure that these little people are well-prepared for Grade 1 and set up for future school success.

Literacy Centre

Our Literacy Centre follows the Shine Literacy programme and offers an interactive, volunteer-driven, English support programme which ensures that children are equipped to be able to speak, read and write in English. 

Our aim through the Literacy Centre is to equip learners for a smoother transition to Grade 4. This is vital support because Xhosa learners switch from Xhosa to English as their language of instruction (LoLT) and Afrikaans learners then take on English as a formal subject in their Intermediate Phase of school. 

High School Programme

Our High School Programme is driven by our Education Centre which facilitates homework sessions from Monday to Friday. Learners have access to stationery resources, laptops, printers and relevant academic and personal development workshops as part of the programme offering. In addition to this, learners receive valuable input from encouraging tutors, facilitators and mentors.

We as an organisation are committed to the holistic development of the learners on our programme and are always on the look out for ways to extend our reach by facilitating partnerships with external organisations that will add value to the learners registered on the programme and the local high school.

Teacher Mentorship Programme

The Teacher Mentorship Programme was established in 2012 and has evolved over the years.

Currently, the programme offers our CAPS in a Snap planning pack as a comprehensive resource that provides a paint-by-numbers approach to teaching the CAPS curriculum effectively in an under-resourced environment in order to make this available to other NGOs.

This resource involves coaching and mentoring teachers to improve four key areas of learning and teaching, namely; classroom set up, lesson planning, lesson delivery and assessment. In addition to this, teachers are also mentored in soft skills such as time management, professionalism, team work and effective communication.

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Sponsoring a Child

You have the opportunity to partner with us in caring for the children at the Pre-Primary School and Literacy Centre, while at the same time advocating the right to quality education for all children.​

Why sponsor a child at Won Life?

We believe that every child has the right to a quality education. Only through this opportunity can they work towards improving their future and breaking the cycle of poverty. Won Life works hard to ensure that the children in Fisantekraal are granted this basic right.

What does my donation provide?

Sponsorship will provide a child at Won Life with a solid foundation to their future education. This will help impoverished children in Fisantekraal to have a strong head start in life and grow into well educated and self-reliant adults.


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