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At Won Life, our vision is:

“Improving education to promote community upliftment in Fisantekraal.”

Won Life carries out this vision by providing excellent education and support to the  community of Fisantekraal, just outside of Durbanville. Won Life has been actively involved in Fisantekraal since 1999 and has constantly evolved in order to best cater to the needs of its beneficiaries.

Our primary, strategic focus is to improve the quality of basic education, as this is the tool that will empower the community to break the cycle of poverty. This is achieved by means of our four educational programmes, namely:  the Won Life Pre-Primary School, Literacy Centre, High School Education Centre and Teacher Mentorship Programme.

Our administration office is strategically situated in the community of Fisantekraal, which allows us to better understand the day-to-day challenges and paves the way for a healthy and organic relationship to develop between our organisation and the community we serve.

Won Life is governed by a group of voluntary board members who embrace key values of accountability, transparency and integrity, leading to excellent standards of good governance. We have 18 passionate staff members and a core group of committed volunteers who carry the heart of our organisation and form the backbone of everything we do.

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An Overview of our Programmes

Pre-Primary School

Our Independent Grade R school is our flagship project and delivers an excellent and holistic education to 180 children in Fisantekraal each year.

The Pre-Primary School is an established haven for children in the community; a place of safety, both physically and emotionally, where they can freely discover the world around them and where foundations can be laid that will ensure that learners are well-prepared for Grade 1. 

Literacy Centre

Our Literacy Centre follows the Shine Literacy hour programme and offers an interactive, volunteer-driven, English support programme to Grade 2 and 3 learners from the Trevor Manuel Primary School. 

This is vital support because in Grade 4, Xhosa learners switch from Xhosa to English as their language of instruction (LoLT) and Afrikaans learners then take on English as a formal subject in their Intermediate Phase of school. We endeavor to make this a little easier by providing support before the transition takes place. 

High School Programme

Our High School Programme is driven by our Education Centre which facilitates homework sessions from Monday to Friday. Learners have access to stationery resources, laptops, printers and relevant academic and personal development workshops as part of the programme offering. Learners also receive valuable input from encouraging tutors and facilitators.

We as an organisation are committed to the holistic development of the learners on our programme and facilitate personal development groups; Refined for the girls and Stronger for the boys.

Teacher Mentorship Programme

The Teacher Mentorship Programme offers our CAPS in a Snap planning pack as a comprehensive resource that provides a paint-by-numbers approach to teaching the CAPS curriculum effectively in an under-resourced environment.

We are currently working with the 15 Foundation Phase teachers at Fisantekraal Primary School, mentoring teachers in classroom set up, lesson planning, lesson delivery and assessment. In addition to this, teachers are also mentored in soft skills such as time management, professionalism, team work and effective communication.

Volunteers are the heartbeat of our Programmes

It has been an enjoyable experience for me, especially connecting with the different types of high schoolers. I learnt that education is important despite the background you come from.

Lennon Katape

I volunteer because I’m passionate about equal access to opportunities and to education. So for me this is helping the learners get access to things like technology and a space where they can learn to become their best selves.

Candice Davis

I volunteer at the Education Centre to give back to the community, help others that is less fortunate, making a difference in the lives of the children and lastly to fulfill a passion.

Liezel Stevens

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    The learners who attend our Pre-Primary School and our Literacy Centre receive a quality educational experience including beautiful and well maintained facilities, teaching instruction from qualified teachers as well as the necessary resources and educational equipment that they need to learn. Our Pre-Primary learners also receive two nutritious meals as part of their school day.

    Your sponsorship will provide a child at Won Life with an holistic and solid foundation to their future education. 


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    Pre-Primary School
    From the year 2005 till 2023, we've reached 2000 Grade R learners!
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    High School Education Centre
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