About Won Life

Won Life is a registered non profit organisation (NPO) working in the community of Fisantekraal, just outside of Durbanville. We have worked in this community since 1999, delivering services in the areas of health and education.

Won Life believes that the future of our country is largely determined by the quality of education delivered to our youth. With a good education, children have the opportunity to break the cycle of poverty and carve out a preferred future for themselves and their families.

As we continue to impact and influence children’s lives, we will see the development of responsible and active citizens.

Early Learning Centre

The Won Life Early Learning Centre is an independent Grade R preschool, registered with the Western Cape Education Department in 2007. The school has successfully developed and grown while providing an excellent education to 120 Grade R children in Fisantekraal each year.

The facility allows us to provide additional services to the community and serves as a base for our organisation’s administration office.

The Won Life ELC started as a basic day care facility. Many young children who did not attend crèche would gather at the Fisantekraal Clinic, the first of Won Life’s projects. In 2005, we employed ladies from Fisantekraal to look after these children and provide them with basic care at the clinic. We quickly realised that there was a need for more formalised Grade R education in the community as there was none. This led to the building of our current school. In 2007 we registered as an independent Grade R preschool with the Western Cape Department of Education and continue to enjoy a wonderful working relationship with them. With each year, we have gone from strength-to-strength.  We now boast a very successful, well run facility providing an excellent standard of education to 120 children each year.

Literacy Centre

The Won Life Literacy Centre was opened in May 2013 in converted and renovated shipping containers on Trevor Manuel Primary School’s premises. This volunteer-run reading and writing programme provides support to a selection of Grade 2 and 3 children at the school, assisting them to read and write in English to a standard that will allow them to succeed further in life. The programme also equips Xhosa speaking children to succeed in their education once their language of instruction changes to English in Grade 4.

Volunteers are paired with a maximum of two children whom they work with for the course of the year, guiding them through a carefully crafted programme which allows the children the opportunity to practise their emergent reading, writing and speaking skills in a safe and nurturing environment. In this way, we offer fun and creative learning opportunities for the children to ensure deeper learning and lasting change.

High School Programme

Our High School Programme involves a two-pronged approach: Firstly, to facilitate partnerships with external organisations that will add value in the high school environment. Examples of this are: OneSight, which offers eyecare and spectacles to all students in need, as well as The Usapho Foundation, who facilitate a Teen Parenting workshop for young learners navigating the pressures of parenting at a young age while, at the same time, completing their schooling. The second aspect of our High School Programme is the Education Centre. The Education Centre provides a safe, well-resourced environment for high school learners from Fisantekraal to complete their homework, projects and studying so that they may successfully complete their high school education and ultimately choose an appropriate occupation or course of tertiary study.

Teacher Mentorship Programme

The Teacher Mentorship Programme was originally developed to support the education of the many children who pass through our Early Learning Centre at Won Life.  These children would leave Grade R with a solid understanding of the curriculum yet, when they moved on to the local primary school, their learning foundation would go to waste.  Our initial, personal interest in the children from our Early Learning Centre drew our attention to the dire situation that all pupils faced at Trevor Manuel Primary School.  We knew that we needed to improve the standard of education delivered to them, in order to nurture and build onto their learning.  We decided to focus on Grade 1 in 2015 and, based on the programme’s success, resolved to then look at ways of expanding it year-by-year into further grades.

In order to discover the focus areas for the Teacher Mentorship Programme, we spent the latter half of 2014 observing the Grade 1 teachers at Trevor Manuel Primary School.  During this time, we were able to organise a volunteer event to upgrade the Grade 1 classrooms.  This allowed us to set a standard of excellence and add value to the teaching and learning environment for both teachers and learners.  It also helped us to foster a fledgling relationship with the teachers we would be working with the following year.